About EUFEMED webinar - Subject-centricity in Phase 1 – Expectation, need or obligation?

EUFEMED webinar - Subject-centricity in Phase 1 – Expectation, need or obligation?

The request from clinical trial participants to be heard and help to improve the clinical trial experience for all participants is significantly increasing. Patient centricity within clinical trials is well advanced and has benefits for both the participants and the sponsors. However, healthy volunteer-centricity is a new concept that is not yet explored. In this webinar we will present existing concepts, first experiences, and the feedback from a EU-wide “volunteers and patients in Phase 1” survey on their needs, expectations and interest to contribute.


  • 16h00 - Introduction by Ingrid Klingmann, Pharmaplex, AGAH
  • 16h05 - Centric drug development & the "Motivation Pyramid' by Thijs van Iersel, ICON
  • 16h25 - Perspecives of sponsor of patient engagement in confirmatory clinical development by Dick de Vries, Galapagos
  • 16h45 - Perspectives of volunteers in clinical pharmaceutical studies - first results of the questionnaire by Jelle Klein, SGS, Healixia
  • 17h05 - Panel and open forum discussion with Ingrid Klingmann, Thijs van Iersel, Dick de Vries, Jelle Klein, Cathalijne Van Doorne and audience

This is the first of four 2023-2024 EUFEMED webinars. Register for all four now and pay only for three webinars. Dates for the other 3 webinars will be announced in September.

Member tickets are available for members of: Association of Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI - UK), Healixia (Belgium), Association Française de Pharmacologie Translationnelle (AFPT – France), Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH - Germany), Associatie van Contract Research Organisaties in Nederland (ACRON - Netherlands), and Polish Federation for Early Medicines Development (Polfemed - Poland)


Ticket type Price
Webinar 15/09 member ticket € 30.00
Webinar 15/09 non-member ticket € 60.00
Webinar series (4 sessions) member ticket € 90.00
Webinar series (4 sessions) non-member ticket € 180.00

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