About EUFEMED webinar: ToxAIcology - AI as the New Frontier in Risk Assessment

EUFEMED webinar: ToxAIcology - AI as the New Frontier in Risk Assessment

Speaker: Thomas Hartung, Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The synergy of data generation and improvement of computers and algorithms has increased the power of AI more than billion-fold since AI was coined in 1956: Data in the world double every 18month, i.e., 90% of all date were produced in last three years; computer double in capacity every 24 months (Moore’s law) and AI algorithms double in capacity every 3 months since 2010. For most human skill tests, AI performs better than 90% of us.

For toxicology, AI promises support for data retrieval, evidence integration (systematic reviews, risk assessments), predictive toxicology of untested compounds, digital pathology and support in reporting. The prospects of animal replacement with better accuracy in (human) prediction, ethical benefits and cost-effectiveness are enormous. Beyond this, accelerated assessments with automated data analyses, real-time monitoring and complex analyses come into reach with user-friendly prediction tools. These changes also promise to democratize knowledge, encourage open-access databases, algorithms and publications. As a copilot for toxicology, it empowers researchers, regulators, consumers and industry.

This is the third of four 2023-2024 EUFEMED webinars. Date for the last webinar will be announced soon.

Member tickets are available for members of: Association of Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI - UK), Healixia (Belgium), Association Française de Pharmacologie Translationnelle (AFPT – France), Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH - Germany), Associatie van Contract Research Organisaties in Nederland (ACRON - Netherlands), and Polish Federation for Early Medicines Development (Polfemed - Poland)


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